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Online Bentonite Calculator

To seal a pond with bentonite you need to know your pond width and length, deepest point, and the type of soil. With that information, our new online bentonite calculator will tell you how much bentonite do you need.

However, if your pond has a single leaking point and is very clear where is it, you will not need to seal the whole pond, it is recommended but not if the leak is not too big.

Contact our experts if you have any concerns, they can help you figure out the amount of bentonite that your pond would require.

Bentonite Calculator

Please, enter your pond measurements, deepest point, and soil condition to find out [approximately] how much bentonite you would need to fix your leaking pond.

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Important notes: Results of our Bentonite Calculator are only an approximation based on theoretical values and it should NOT be taken as a quotation for your specific needs.

If you need a quote, please give us a call. (210)378-2008


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Do you need extra help fixing your pond? We provide de full service, to know more about this service please visit or Fix ponds and lakes page.

Planning to build a new pond? Let us do the heavy lift! Lonestar Minerals have the expertise and the equipment to Design and construct ponds and lakes.

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