Bentonite for ponds

Large pond liner installation in Texas

Pond liner installation is one of our best-selling services. Generally, we have to drain the pond, make a little reshape, and align the ground, however, this one was different.

The pond was empty, and the terrain was perfectly even. The challenge of this project was the size of the pond.

We are used to lining ponds around 10 acres area even though we worked before on ponds of 14 acres, but this one was an 35 acres pond.

The installation process is the same for a half-acre pond as 35 acres one. The difference with this one was the number of machines and coordination to avoid the wind blowing away the lining material.

Today the liner is still working, the pond holds water, the client is very happy, and we are proud to say that we line an 35-acre pond.

Pond Location

North Texas

Pond Size

8 Acres

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