Bentonite for ponds

Residential Pond in Texas


In February 2021, a pond owner contacted us to request a pond repair. The pond had a massive leak that he could not solve with sealers.

When we arrived at the property, the pond was almost dry, and the fish was gone.

Fish pond with leaks

After a proper inspection, we understood why the sealers failed to seal the leak. The whole pond base has not enough sealing material to hold water. Installing a new pond liner will be the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Residential Pond in Texas

We began with the pond repair by removing some material from the pond base and applying bentonite to seal the laking area, then we added more soil to elevate the deepest point.

Residential Pond in Texas

With the pond base well sealed, we create a new and smooth pond water base where we’ll install the bentonite pond liner.

Residential Pond in Texas

To ensure that the new pond liner will last for many years, we add enough material and then mix it and compress it with soil.

Residential Pond in Texas

Time is time for the final step, filling the pond and adding the fish hiding places.

Residential Pond in Texas

After three months, we came back to check the work. The pond was holding water, and the vegetation grew around the pond without affecting the liner.

Residential Pond in Texas
Project Type

Pond Repair, Pond Lining

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Pond Size

One Acre

Pond Liner, Pond Repair, Residential Pond