Mineral Barium sulfate BaSO4 (Baryte or Barite) generally white colour.  used as a weighting agent drilling muds for HDD, drilling fluids on the oil and gas exploration.

Product density prevents blowouts on high formation pressure. (non – magnetic).

Product is milled to 200 mesh screen with a specific gravity of 4.10+

We offer delivery service bulk on a pneumatic trailer and also packaging on super sacks.

Currently, we are delivering product in the Midland / Odessa and Pecos area.

The heavyweight additive material used for drilling oil and gas wells is currently in a big demand in the West Texas area.

Mineralogical name for barium sulfate (BARITE), must product comes from China, India and USA with about 9 percent of the world production, but Mexico also produces a 4.10+ quality barite in a low production volume.

Our quality control from mine, mill, packaging and logistics assures that all products sold by LS GTC are under the API specifications.

If you are interested in our product we invite you to visit our facilities and inspect our day to day operations at our warehouse located in Eagle Pass, TX.

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Barite is our business!