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One of the main concerns is being able to retain water while constructing a pond.
For several years to come, LONESTAR BENTONITE POND LINER will ensure a permanent seal so that you can enjoy a beautiful pond.


Eco Friendly – Safe for stock, fish, plants and swimming.
Cost Efficient – Low-cost and long-term solution.
Easy To Apply – The application is easy and safe on dry or wet ponds.
100% Natural – No chemicals or hazardous materials.

How does Bentonite work when used as a Pond Liner?
After application, the Bentonite Pond Liner will blend with your pond’s soil, becoming part of the pond’s ecosystem. The bentonite particles will absorb water and expand, effectively sealing any cracks in the ground. Unlike other pond liners made of rubber or plastic materials, bentonite is not subject to degradation or puncture risk, and it doesn’t require maintenance every other year.

Remember: “It all starts with soil, plant, and water management. We’re all farmers.”

Ideal for:
Stock tanks | Farm ponds | Ranch ponds | Golf courses | Artificial lakes | Fish ponds | Wastewater tanks

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