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Fix your leaking pond with Sodium Bentonite Pond Sealer

Sodium Bentonite is the most effective, low cost and safe solution for leaking ponds and lakes.

For those who want a good pond seal to solve and repair the base of their water retention stock tanks, natural sodium bentonite clay is the best alternative. Sodium bentonite clay prevents water from escaping or flowing, while at the same time, it is harmless to fish, cattle, livestock, and plants.

dry pond with out bentonite for ponds

Without Sodium Bentonite

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With Sodium Bentonite Pond Sealant

Products, Solutions and Services

Sodium Bentonite is an absorbent clay consisting mostly of Montmorillonite that works exceptionally well as a pond liner but also has many other uses and applications. Lonestar Minerals has developed a special formula for each bentonite application.

pond liner bentonite

Bentonite Pond Liner

Our Special developed formula will ensure water retention on any soil conditions. Sodium Bentonite can be used on any water deposits, is completely natural harmless, and safe for water life, livestock and swimming.

Truck sprinkling sodium bentonite

Fix Leaking Ponds and Lakes

We have  60 years of accumulated experience in the industry. We can assist you in repairing your pond’s water leaks using bentonite clay pond sealer. We provide the knowledge, workforce, resources, mineral materials, and equipment.

scoop bentonite cat litter

Bentonite Cat Litter

We are a valuable source for premium cat litter, odor-controlling, fast-clumping, dust-free, and easy-to-scoop cat litter bentonite that is also pet, earth, and people-friendly.

Pond Construction Texas

Pond Construction

Professional services to design your new pond, bentonite clay liner application, building, and construction services. Use our products and services to get everything right from the beginning.

Formulated Bentonite Clay for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Our team of engineers develops custom formulations for the wastewater industry. Blends clay for water treatment plants. It will recommend the particle size for your particular process application. from powder, granular, or cluster dust-free form.

API Barite 4.10+ Lonestar Minerals

Drilling Mud Gel

We sell API-certified high-quality bentonite gel, HY High Yield 200 bbl sodium bentonite, and API Barite 4.10 + specific gravity in bulk or bags for the drilling mud industry.

Professional Pond Repair Service

Save money, water and future headaches with our professional pond repair service

Sodium Bentonite is a great pond sealant, but the effectiveness of the seal depends on the quality of the mineral and the application.

Lonestar offers high quality bentonite and 60 years of experience applying sodium bentonite pond sealant and repairing ponds.

Talk with our experts about your leaking pond and get a free estimate in the next 24 hrs.

Benefits of our Minerals and Services

Sodium bentonite and minerals at Wholesale price

Processing plant certified ISO-9001

High quality minerals that help you save money

60+ years of experience working with minerals

Nationwide delivery for Bentonite Clay and minerals

Turnkey Service

Our Clients are saying

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“My business is simple. I design ponds. Lonestar has been my main supplier of bentonite for the past 7 years. They are honest, hard-working, and have never let me nor any of my clients down.


With pleasure, I sure do recommend them!”

Alex Hankins


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“Lonestar Bentonite declares to have a high-performance product. The product seems to work as advertised. We’re very pleased with the results so far. Every day, it seems to be better. I highly recommend this product, as I tried other options on the market and didn’t work as well as this one.”

Pat Talamas




We ship nationwide, dispatching trucks for the southern states from our warehouses in Eagle Pass, Laredo, Bulverde, and the northern states directly from our Wyoming facilities. We can deliver to most Texans cities, like Dallas, Odessa, Amarillo, Galveston, Houston, among others, in one day. We also serve quick locations in Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, California, and Nevada.

We are a sodium bentonite wholesale supplier, we supply bulk sodium bentonite to the pond’s location, in any amount your project requires.

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Helpful Tools & Recommendations For Sodium Bentonite applications

Where to buy bentonite clay for ponds?

Buy bentonite clay for ponds with Lonestar Minerals, your Wholesale Bentonite Supplier. Nationwide delivery at a great price per ton, ISO-9001 certified processing plant, ensuring great quality bentonite. Special mix-mesh formula that helps you use less amount of bentonite per square foot. Contact Us to get a free quote.


Important fact: verify when you’re buying that you purchase pure crushed SODIUM Bentonite, as there is also calcium bentonite and potassium bentonite and those don’t share the absorbent properties that make sodium bentonite a great pond sealant.

How much sodium bentonite do I need to seal a pond?

As an interesting fact, this is one of the most complicated questions to answer for our clients. The amount depends on several factors, like the type of soil, the size of the pond, the depth, the quality of the sodium bentonite, the purpose of the pond and the wildlife around the area.
Below you will find a small reference table depending on the type of soil and based on a maximum 8 ft depth. If the pond is deeper, you’ll have to add more bentonite per square foot.
You can also visit our online Bentonite Calculator for a quick reference calculation.


Soil condition → Pond sealant amount per square foot

Rock or gravel → 3.0 to 3.5 lbs / sq ft
Clean Sand → 2.5 to 3.5 lbs /sq ft
Silty Sand → 2.0 to 2.5 lbs / sq ft
Sandy Silt 20% Clay Min → 1.5 to 2.0 lbs / sq ft
Clay Soil → 1.0 to 1.5 lbs / sq ft

Do you offer a pond repair service?

Yes! Besides offering bentonite clay for ponds we also provide a complete service to repair your pond. With our turnkey service, we supply the minerals, equipment, experience, and workforce to make sure your pond is fully repaired, from draining it to filling it again.
We also design and construct new ponds. If you have an idea in mind, get a quote with us.

How is the bentonite sodium pond liner delivered?

We offer bentonite pond sealant by the full truckload, less than a truckload, by the pallet, bag, or by the ton.
We offer our products delivered at any of our warehouses. (Inventory always available). Our main warehouse is in Laredo, TX. We have a secondary warehouse in Wyoming, where sodium bentonite is mined. We also have warehouses in Eagle Pass and Bulverde, TX (11 miles north of San Antonio, TX.)

We can coordinate logistics delivery nationwide at a very competitive rate. We can ship directly from our Wyoming mines depending on your location and the logistics cost. We can coordinate delivery from LTL –  less than a full truckload order to an FTL full truckload order. Contact Us to get a landed price quote.

Our headquarters office is in San Antonio, TX.

How to unload your order, equipment needed and weight of the bentonite.

Please consider that you’ll need equipment to unload 3,000 lbs super sacks or 2,500 lbs pallet from a flatbed truck. These super sacks have straps on top to grab with your tractor, excavator, front loader, bobcat, or forklift. and you can unload from the eighteen-wheeler flatbed truck.
Most of the time, the super sacks do not have wooden pallets underneath; if you require pallets, please call and request on your order (cost per pallet will be added to your order).
All our super sacks come with a very efficient discharge valve. The location of the discharge valve is underneath the super sack, for effortless pouring. To efficiently release the pond sealant, you must pick up the bag and untie the valve to start pouring the liner on top of your soil.

What is Sodium Bentonite and its History?

Bentonite is volcanic ash from million or thousand of years old. It mainly consists of mineral montmorillonite and lesser amounts of other minerals such as pyrite, feldspar, quartz, and calcite.


An American geologist identified swelling water clay in and around rocky formation near Fort Benton and given the name “mineral soap.”


During the 1920s, when researchers called bentonite clay and the important Properties of montmorillonite Bentonite.


Mineral with a density between 2.2 and 2.8 g/cm3 depending upon its quality and the presence of other minerals. When wet, the volume expands almost 13 times more than when it is dry and its dry mass in water (depending on the quality of the bentonite).

This property of bentonite clay is favorable for filling small and large voids or spaces. Sodium bentonite pond sealer acts as a barrier between the water and the surface, preventing seepage of water, which is an essential requirement while constructing any water body, like ponds, dams, wells, and lagoons.

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