Bentonite Pond Liner Calculator

Calculate your Pond Area and how much bentonite you need to line your pond

Bentonite Pond Liner Calculator

Updated August 2023

Why a Pond liner Calculator

Due to the complex pond shapes, calculating the exact area will make us run some complex equations. Instead, we can approximate the pond area with a simple formula L + (Depth times two) x W + (Depth times two). Also, you need to know the type of soil and the right bentonite radio amount to apply according to the pond depth. Yes, it is complicated.
But who needs that when a Pond Area and Pond Liner Calculator is available?

To use the Bentonite Pond Liner Calculator you need to know:

  • Pond Width
  • Pond Lenght
  • Deepest Point
  • Soil Type


If you are not sure of the type of soil in your pond, you can watch this video and follow the instructions to determine it.

Enter the information on the calculator and it will give you the approximate Pond Area and the amount of Bentonite you will need to seal your pond.

Bentonite Pond Liner Calculator

Please, enter your pond measurements, deepest point, and soil condition to find out [approximately] how much bentonite you would need to fix your leaking pond.

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Important notes: Results of our Bentonite Pond Liner Calculator are only an approximation based on theoretical values and it should NOT be taken as a quotation for your specific needs.

What is next ?

Now that you know the size of your pond and how much bentonite you need this links will help you to complete your project.

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