Pond Liner Installation Service In Texas

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Pond Liner Installation Service in Texas

We are a Pond liner installers in Texas.

Pond Liner installation contractor.


Our company has been building, reshaping, and lining ponds for over 20 years all over Texas. We can apply bentonite pond liner to any type of pond, including but not limited to fishing ponds, livestock ponds, irrigation ponds, irrigation ponds, wildlife ponds, etc.
Trust a hands-on company with thousands of hours of field experience to handle your pond lining, repair, or construction.

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Pond Liner Material Advantages


There are several good reasons for using bentonite to line a pond instead of the traditional EPDM or HDPE liners. Due to the nature of the bentonite, you can rest assured it will not add chemicals to your land, therefore not affecting the ph of the water or the soil. It is ideal and safe for fish and plant ponds and swimming ponds.


Resistance is another good reason. Bentonite is not susceptible to tears or punctures, and it will tend to seal again small holes that may create in the bottom of the pond.


Does it have a downside? Yes, it does. Bentonite swells at contact with water. When bentonite loses humidity, it reduces its size and becomes vulnerable to erosion. Therefore, it is not recommended for seasonal ponds or ponds that are constantly drained.

Pond liner installation cost


Now let’s talk about the cost of lining a pond with bentonite. Bentonite itself is an inexpensive material that costs only a few cents per pound.

As mentioned before, the application rate is usually between 2 and 6 lbs per square foot, so, depending on the size of your pond and the type of soil it has, your investment can go from a few dollars to several thousand. However, the investment is comparable, if not lower, than a traditional rubber liner, especially when we start talking about large ponds that are bigger than 1/2 acre.

Bentonite Pond Liner can be installed on:


  • Ponds from quart acre
  • Fish Farming ponds
  • Farm Ponds
  • Stock Ponds
  • Aeration Ponds
  • Golf court lakes
  • Residential Ponds
  • Swimming Ponds
  • And More
bentonite aplication on a dam

Why do you need a professional pond liner installer to work on your pond?



Sodium Bentonite is the most cost-efficient pond liner for large ponds in the market. Bentonite is easy to install and requires a smaller team than the team required to install a traditional liner.
However, the success of the pond liner installation depends on two key factors. the Amount per square foot and the installation method. These factors are not easy to achieve without experience and skills. Let me tell you why.

bentonite pond liner on super sacks

Amount of bentonite per square foot.


A common mistake is to use too little bentonite, therefore not achieving the desired waterproof effect. The application rates are between 2 and 6 pounds per square foot. The variation depends on the type of soil of the area where the pond is.
Visit our Bentonite pond liner calculator to get a better idea of how much bentonite is required to line your pond.


Installing pond liner

Pond Liner installation Method


While it isn’t a complicated process, the steps must be done correctly to ensure the bentonite creates a watertight seal throughout the whole area of the pond.


Steps to install bentonite pond liner are:

  1. Remove all debris
  2. Spread bentonite evenly to create a tick layer
  3. Sprinkle some water over the surface
  4. Mix bentonite with the soil using a disc harrow
  5. Compact the soil
  6. Fill with water


Easy right?
If you have the machinery and the time, you can make it a DYI project. Visit our article, how to install bentonite pond liner, to get more information about the process.


Not easy?
No Problem, we are here to help.
Here in Lonestar Minerals, we help pond owners build, line, repair, and solve problems with their ponds. Our primary goal is to help you save time, money, and water. Get a quote for Pond Liner intallation service

Pond Liner installation Examples

Find below some pictures of our work in Texas. We do pond construction, pond reshaping, pond repair, pond lining and pond design. We have tons of experience in retention ponds, farm ponds, livestock ponds, fishing ponds, artificial lakes and ranch ponds all over Texas. If you wish to see even more of our projects, please visit our portfolio.

Pond liner installation on a residential pond