Bentonite Clay & Mineral Products

Lonestar Minerals is a leading USA Minerals Wholesale Supplier, delivering high quality minerals nationwide for a variety of applications: pond sealer, pond liner, cat litter, wastewater treatment, drilling mud, fullers earth, among others. We mine and mill the minerals at our ISO-9001 manufacturing plant, and we can deliver specific grain size requirements.


Our minerals list includes sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite, barite and aluminum. Trust Lonestar Minerals to fulfill your high volume mineral needs, get a free quote today.

Lonestar Formulated Mineral Products

After 60 years of experience, Lonestar Minerals has developed specialized formulas for different applications.
We provide bulk minerals for any application.

bentonite for ponds sprinkle method

Bentonite Clay Pond Sealant

Swelling on contact with water makes bentonite useful as a liner sealant. Provides a self-sealing, low-permeability barrier.

Bentonite clay

Sodium Bentonite Clay

Sodium bentonite is a natural clay that expands at contact with water, absorbing as much as 20 times its dry mass in water.

clumping bentonite cat litter

Cat Litter

Bentonite is used in various pet care items such as cat litter to absorb the odor and surround the feces.

Formulated Bentonite Clay for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Clay

We offer several blended formulated clay for water treatment processes. We also offer laboratory services to test your wastewater and customize the clay blend for your specific needs.

calcium bentonite clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite is used in the textile industry as a purifier, due to it’s capacity to absorb grease, oil and other contaminants. It is also used in agriculture and as an additive for animal food.

drilling mud

API Bentonite Gel

Bentonite is used as a drilling mud additive to control borehole stability and improve hole cleaning capacities. We offer a API spec 13A section B mesh 200 Bentonite that offers +200 barrels.

aluminum powder deox

Aluminum Powder

We offer 80%+ aluminum powder that is a secondary products from shredded aluminum cans used to make DeOx aluminum chips used in the steel industry.

API barite 4.10+ density

API Barite for Drilling

Barite usually serves as a weighting agent in drilling muds for HDD and drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration. We offer barite 4.10+ high density for controlling oil, water, and gas wells.

All you need to know about

Bentonite for Ponds


Lonestar Sodium Bentonite is a High-quality material engineered mostly for use as earth sealants. It swells instantly to create an effective plug when sodium bentonite is exposed to water. This rapidly expanding and ecologically stable composition makes it one of the most acceptable sealants in the world. Sodium bentonite clay is also used to cover and seal wells and patch leakage ponds.

Bentonite in Construction

Construction Industry: Foundations & Cement

For the construction and stabilization of concrete, the permeability blend prevents humidity seeping.

Bentonite in Metal Casting

Metal Casting Industry: Bentonite for Green Sand Molds

Super absorbent clay to dry steel.

Pond Repair Service Texas

Bentonite for Ponds: Fix Leaking Ponds & Lakes

We offer a complete service to use and apply our minerals as well; we can dig, reshape, treat, and even build you a brand new beautiful pond.

Bentonite for Dust Control in Roads

Roads and Highways: Bentonite for Dust Control

To prevent and control dust on roads.

Sodium Bentonite Grain Size

Bentonite has multiple uses. Each application requires a different grain size.
Lonestar Minerals supplies Sodium Bentonite for all kinds of applications. Contact us to know more about Bentonite clay and its applications.

Granular Bentonite

When it comes into contact with water, granular bentonite has a property to swell, forming a gel-like structure.


This product helps fill empty spaces or voids; the product can be used to seal wells to prevent water retreating into natural aquifers.


It could also be used for plugging abandoned boreholes.


The product is mixed with super mud to delay the swelling effect and then discharged into the areas after mixing with water to fill the gaps and voids.

Bentonite Grain Size - Lonestar Minerals

Mix Granular Bentonite Clay (Powder form)

Pond sealant is produced by crushing sodium bentonite. It is ideal for preventing leakage in new or old ponds by applying to the bottom of the pond or by sprinkling along with areas that are either overflowing or are prone to flow.


It can be blended with soil as well. Even applying the product between two layers of soil can prevent seepage.

sprinkle method for Bentonite pond sealant

Bentonite Grount

Some applications require a powdered form of the product. Examples include: well casting or abandoned sealing of drill holes; this product is appropriately formulated and pulverized to function for such applications.

Sodium Bentonite powder

Available Bentonite Packaging Sizes

We can supply minerals in different packing sizes to meet your needs, from 50 LBs Bucket to Full truckload.

Our mineral products can be shipped nationwide or picked up from our warehouses in Texas and Wyoming.

Sodium Bentonite 5 gallon bucket

50 lbs
Sodium Bentonite Plastic Bucket



Packing Information: 50 lb plastic bucket
Weight: 50 lbs.
Dimensions: 5 Gallon Bucket
Buckets per Pallet: 30 buckets
Buckets per full truckload: 540 – 18 pallets

50 lbs and 100 lbs Bentonite Powder

50 lbs
Sodium Bentonite Bags



Packing Information: 50 lb bags
Weight:  50 lbs
Dimensions: 18″ x 14″ x 4″
Bags per Pallet: 50
Bags per Full Truck Load: 900 – 18 pallets

50 lbs and 100 lbs Bentonite Powder

100 lbs
Sodium Bentonite Bags



Packing Information: 100 lb bags
Weight: 100 lbs
Dimensions: 25″ x 18″ x 4″
Bags per Pallet: 25
Bags per Full Truck Load: 450


3000 lbs
Bentonite Super Sack



Packing Information: Super Sack (no pallet)
Weight: 3,000 lbs each
Dimensions: 48″ X 48″ X 63″
Full truckload weight: 45,000 lbs.
Bags per full truckload:  15


Full Truckload of
100 Lbs Bags Pallet



Packing Information: 100 lbs bags
Weight: 2,500 lbs (25/100 lb bags)
Dimensions: 48″ X 48″ X 63″
Full truckload weight: 45,000 lbs (45/100 lb bags)
Pallets per full truckload: 18


Full Truckload of
3000 Lbs Super Sack



Packing Information: Super Sack (without pallet)
Weight: 3,000 lbs each
Dimensions: 48″ X 48″ X 63″
Full truckload weight: 45,000 lbs.
Bags per full truckload:  15