Professional Farm Pond Construction Services in Texas

Build a farm pond in Texas require expertise working with different soils,
deep knowledge about choosing the best placement for the pond, and a skilled team to build a farm pond that holds water.

The lack of experience building ponds can result in some expensive headaches like:


  • A pond that doesn’t hold water.
  • The water flows not crossing the pond.
  • Flooded areas on the property.
  • Water too far from where it will be used.


This is why you need the advice of an experienced Farm pond contractor before you move a single shovel of dirt.
The benefits of hiring an expert on farm pond construction are many, but the main one is that your farm pond will hold water the whole year.

Building a pond in Texas

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Pond construction layout

Building a farm pond that holds water in Texas.

The difference between dry ponds and ponds that hold water is made by two key factors, the installation process, and the pond liner.


When, where, and how to build a pond.


The installation process requires experience to know when, where, and how to the things, and you can only get that knowledge by experience.

After 50 years of building ponds in Texas, we know…


  • “When” is the best time to build to avoid problems and delays due to the weather.
  • “Where” is the best location to build your farm pond to make it functional and cost-effective.
  • And “How” is the best way to build and line your pond.


The other key factor in farm pond contruction is the pond liner. We work with sodium bentonite pond liner to ensure the correct sealing of your farm pond.

Farm Pond Builder in Texas
pond liner installation

Pond liner for farm ponds.


Farm ponds are used for more than holding water. They are used for irrigation, keeping the livestock hydrated, supporting wildlife, sometimes having fish and plants, swimming, etc.


These activities can stress the lining material and compromise the pond seal integrity.

For farm pond construction we use sodium bentonite to liner farm ponds, bentonite pond liner ensure the pond will hold water for many years.

Sodium Bentonite is an active pond liner that works on different pond conditions and soil types.

Its natural origin gives it many advantages over traditional rubber liners like:


  • It will not add chemicals or toxic materials to your land.
  • Bentonite can self-repair from small punctures.
  • Works on any pond condition
  • Bentonite can be applied to different soil types.
  • It can be used on ponds for livestock, wildlife, ponds for swimming, ponds with fish, etc.


All this makes Sodium Bentonite the ideal pond line for farm ponds construction.

Farm Pond builders in Texas

Lonestar Minerals offer professional Farm Pond Construction Services in Texas that include:


  • Farm Pond construction
  • Farm Pond repair
  • Farm Pond reshape
  • Farm Pond renovation
  • Farm Pond lining
  • Farm Pond design


At every step of the process, you will have an expert farm pond builder to advise you on how to get the most cost-effective and healthy pond.

Contact us to know how our Farm Pond Construction Services and Bentonite pond liner can benefit your farm pond and your property.

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What our clients say about our work.

Thomas FathereeThomas Fatheree ★★★★★ Product, service and pricing were excellent! I bought a pallet of Bentonite from Diego at Lonestar GTC Minerals and highly recommend checking with them for prices and product when planning out a job. Thanks Diego!Debra CribbDebra Cribb ★★★★★ Ric was extremely helpful and arranged 90,000 lbs of product transported by polite and on time trucking. We undoubtedly would recommend Ric and his team for your project!Marc BoucherMarc Boucher ★★★★★ Rick & Art did a wonderful job on expanding our 1/4 acre pond to a 3/4 acre pond that did not hold water. They were very professional and lived up to their promises!Thank you!Gary RylanderGary Rylander ★★★★★ Very professional group to work with. Everyone communicates well with you as a client and with each other. They also took photos along with texting updates which was helpful for documentation.Would highly recommend them.amy storyamy story ★★★★★ Extremely professional and very easy to work with. They provided us with a great product in a very timely manner. I highly recommend working with lone star materials!Chad RuttenChad Rutten ★★★★★ Ricardo was great! From the time I started talking with him until the time that they were completed with the project was around a few weeks. Our pond was only about a quarter acre, but meeting timeliness and responsiveness in this day and age is hard to find and brings a lot of value to the customer. They did a great job getting everything cleaned up after they were completed with the project. Now we are just waiting for some rain so we can get our pond filled. If I ever need another pond to be sealed, or if I decide to increase the size of this pond, I will be calling these guys again. I would recommend them to anyone who need a pond sealed. Thanks, Ricardo, and thanks to your team!Hat CreekHat Creek ★★★★★ Lonestar did a FANTASTIC job on my pond sealing. The application of material was very deliberate and reshaping of the pond will add a lot of surface area. Would highly recommend them and will be using them on my next pond!!!Edward HerbertEdward Herbert ★★★★★ This is the 5th contractor to attempt to put a pond in for our ranch, we can't wait to see the final product. Rick and Alex were great very professional. They took care of everything they said they were going to take care of.Steven PriceSteven Price ★★★★★ Did a great job in applying Bentonite to our pond. From the start Rick was extremely helpful in setting up or project. Everything went exactly to plan and we are very happy with the result!Ryan DodgeRyan Dodge ★★★★★ Very very knowledgeable and thankful for all the help on our tank in marble fallsjs_loader