What is a pond lining clay?

Sodium Bentonite (AKA the best pond lining material) is a milled mineral (almost dust) that works as a barrier between the pond soil and the water.

If you spread the bentonite over the dry pond and mix it with soil and water, you will get a low permeability mud that will seal the pond base.

So, if the pond lining clay does the same as the plastic liners, why should I install it on my pond instead of an RPE liner?


Pond lining material for large ponds

Before beginning to talk about the pond lining material, let’s make one thing clear, when we are talking about large ponds, we are talking about ponds larger than 5000sqft area.

Having a large pond is more challenging than having a small one, just for the simple fact that having more area increases the possibilities and places where the pond could leak.