Sodium Bentonite Clay

MULTI USE PRODUCT: Control Seepages and Leaks, Water Treatment, Cat Litter, and Much More


Our Lonestar Mineral sodium bentonite clay offers a variety of functions and applications such as:


  • Pond and Lake Sealant Liner
  • Water treatment
  • Foundation and Construction
  • Cat litter
  • Others

Sodium bentonite is a natural material with many uses. Frequently it is used as a screening agent in ponds with water drainage problems. The specific characteristics of this product have proved to be exceptionally reliable as a pond sealant. Sodium bentonite is a tank sealant, bentonite clay can rapidly grow (expand) when it encounters water. This sodium bentonite expenditure prevents future seepage in bodies of water.

Bentonite clay
Sodium Bentonite Plant

Applications and Industries that use Sodium Bentonite

Sodium bentonite is a leading mineral of Lonestar Minerals. We are offering different qualities of bentonites and properties for various uses and applications.


By selecting the type of bentonites and processing on the mill to the different particle sizes (mesh sizes) from small to a fine powder 200 mesh, we can offer the product you need for your application and process giving you a solution to your problem or the required result with an ISO-901 quality control manufacturing plant.


One of the most common uses is the use of sodium bentonite as a means of sealing ponds. Water commonly drains from either the soil that forms the sides or foundation of the pond. However, applying sodium bentonite to the ground around a lake, drainage is effectively avoided. Sodium bentonite assists the pond in hold its amount of water.


The way sodium bentonite works on lagoons is closely correlated with that of the pond sealing. The method and implementation methodology can be different. The application method varies depending on the water body size, its depth, and waterbed pressure.


When old wells are dry or no longer in use, the wells hole must be plugged. Sodium bentonite can prevent groundwater pollution during the well-abandonment process, resulting in significant human or animal damage.


Often, sodium bentonite is used to trap hazardous chemicals in waste dumps. This sodium liner stops toxins that leak through the soil and grounds or streams within the region.


Slurry walls are designed to be constructed around local bodies of water. These walls are designed to avoid water drainage. Slurry walls are made with sodium bentonite to ensure that the groundwater and its structure to be constructed are low in permeability.

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