Sodium Bentonite Clay

Sodium Bentonite is a natural clay, neutral, with the capacity to absorb water and swell up to 12 times its original size. These characteristics make it a very versatile product with many applications in many different industries.


Lonestar Minerals is a leading USA Sodium Bentonite Wholesale Supplier, delivering high quality bentonite nationwide for a variety of applications: pond sealer, pond liner, cat litter, wastewater treatment, drilling mud, among others. We mine and mill the sodium bentonite at our ISO-9001 manufacturing plant, and we can deliver sodium bentonite specific grain size requirements.


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Sodium Bentonite Clay is an effective pond sealant, a clumping and anti-odor agent for cat litter, a cleansing agent in wastewater treatment and a clumping agent for metal casting green sand. The water absorbing property this material has makes it versatile for many applications. Read below to learn some of these applications.


One of the most widely known applications of bentonite is as a pond sealer. For a pond to be able to hold water, it has to have a high-clay soil composition. As a matter of fact, this condition is rarely met in ponds and lakes. The best solution for this issue is to add sodium bentonite as a pond liner, to increase the clay composition of the soil and favor the creation of a watertight seal at the bottom of the pond. When the pond has already been lined and the leaks are localized to a specific area, the bentonite pond sealer is applied to the specific area in order to create the waterproof seal.


Bentonite has several advantages over other pond liners and sealers. As a natural clay, it won’t affect the ecology of your pond. It will hold under the heavyweight of cattle and other livestock and it is ideal for outlet, dam and embankments limits. Bentonite clay is a low cost material and the investment, when used as a pond liner, is similar to other lining materials in the market. However, sodium bentonite holds the upper hand in the long term, as maintenance costs are nearly zero and the risk of “puncture or tear” is practically non-existing.



Lonestar Minerals has developed a Formulated Sodium Bentonite to be specifically used as a sanitary binder waste for domestic cats. This makes our company an excellent source for premium high-quality cat litter bentonite that is odor controlled, fast clumping, dust-free, and easy to scoop while being pet, planet, and people-friendly. We have several years of experience in packaging, shipping, and delivering products to large retailers who use our product to provide a competitive edge in their market. Today, all of our cat litter products are sold under a private label.


Lonestar Minerals has perfected over the year cat litter formulas that absorb, deodorize and disinfect, making them the perfect toilet for your feline companions. We can supply from one pallet (usually useful for people with several cats at home) to hundreds of tons a month for retail purposes. We have several packing options, bulk and private label and one of the best prices in the market.



The primary purpose of wastewater treatment is to extract dissolved pollutants in water before they are discharged into the environment or reused treated water as a base for your process. Using sodium bentonite to attract certain particles, it is possible to make the pollutants in the water clump together and create sediment that can be easily separated from the water.


Lonestar Bentonite blended sodium bentonite clay for wastewater treatment is a highly efficient mineral used in the purification of wastewater and sludge dewatering. Using our bentonite clay product removes more than 90 percent of unwanted liquids and suspended solids. Our product also complies with safe water discharge requirements.  We also offer our laboratory services to test your wastewater and formulate the best clay formula for your contaminated water and offer custom made formulated clays for your particular water treatment.

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Sodium Bentonite is the main ingredient in our API Bentonite Gel. The bentonite acts as a viscosifier, allowing the product the ability to lower filtration in freshwater drilling fluids, ease the hole cleaning process and help stabilize poorly blended areas. Our formula meets the U.S Fish & Wildlife Standard and is registered as the least toxic rating. It can be used in the drilling of gas and oil wells, as well as deepwater wells and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).


Lonestar Minerals is a leading US Sodium Bentonite products manufacturer. Our API Bentonite Gel is manufactured at our ISO-9001 certified plant using premium grade bentonite, providing you with the highest quality of drilling mud viscosifier, allowing you to reduce the amount of product required for optimum performance and therefore reducing costs in the long run. We offer a High Yield Wyoming HY grade Bentonite mesh 200 that offers 150 to 200 bbl barrels. Learn more about our API Bentonite Gel and start saving money asap.



Lonestar Minerals is a leading sodium bentonite products manufacturer. We mine the sodium bentonite, process it at our mills and manufacturing plant, manufacture and deliver quality bentonite products for our customer’s industries and applications. We have a wide variety of products including but not limited to: bentonite for ponds, granular bentonite, formulated cat litter, blended clay for wastewater treatment and API Bentonite Gel as a drilling mud additive.


We supply our Sodium Bentonite Products by bulk or in different packing sizes to meet your needs. Order it by full truckload (FTL) on pallets, super sacks, pneumatic trailer, or less than a full truckload (LTL) and by the pallet or super sack. In some cases, depending on the product, we can provide private label packaging for retail purposes.


At Lonestar Minerals, we put to good use our expertise to find and provide the most practical and cost effective solutions for our clients. If you are needing to know where to buy bentonite clay, don´t look anymore. Click below to get a quote for bulk bentonite clay.

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