Wastewater Treatment Blended Clay


We offer blended formulated clay for your water treatment plant process, environmental groundwater, and industrial applications.


Many of the water used by homes, industries, and businesses must be treated before releasing their water back into the environment.


If wastewater is incorrectly managed, it can adversely affect the environment and human health.


It may include damage to fish and animals’ stocks, loss of oxygen, the closing of the beaches, and other limits on water use, aquatic and warm aquatic harvests, and potable water.


Appropriate precautions are strongly recommended and taking the necessary steps to ensure proper management of your wastewater to comply with local POTW or NPDES wastewater discharge laws and cause your facility to take hefty fines and potential legal action.

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The wastewater treatment is divided into three main phases, known as primary, secondary, and tertiary water treatment. The intended final use of water depends on its treatment phase or a combination of treatments. Using our bentonite clay product is mostly involved in secondary treatment, and it removes more than 90 percent of unwanted liquids and suspended solids. Our clay is primarily used in biofiltration. However, in some degrees, our product is used in a combination of treatments and completes with tertiary wastewater treatment.


The primary purpose of wastewater treatment is to extract dissolved pollutants in water before they are discharged into the environment or reused treated water as a base for your process. Our product complies with safe water discharge requirements. Lonestar Bentonite is a highly efficient mineral used in the purification of wastewater and sludge dewatering.


We also offer our laboratory services to test your wastewater and formulate the best clay formula for your contaminated water and offer custom made formulated clays for your particular water treatment.



We are pioneers in developing a cluster formulated clay for the water treatment industry. By clustering powder clay, we offer a new way to mix the mineral with other ingredients. These cluster particles reduce the dust flows and help in the circulation of material. (This is suitable for water treatment plants and similar applications, for which clays with other ingredients are mixed to create a base or slurry for use on water processing plants, mixers, or filter press equipment).



Our blended clays are used to treat contaminated water with oils, greases, soap, detergents, base chemicals, minerals, metals, inks, paint, and other contaminants. Bentonite clay is exceptionally efficient for manufacturer’s plants of corrugated cardboard, inks, laundries, mechanical shops, farms, food and beverage processing plants, etc.



Our team of engineers develops custom-made formulas and will recommend the particle size from powder, granular, or cluster dust-free for your specific process application.

Also, we offer special private label blended products for water treatment.



25 lbs. bags.
50 lbs. plastic buckets
50 lbs. bags.
100 lbs. bags.
2,000 lbs. Jumbo Bags.
3,000 lbs. Super Sacks.



200 fine mesh powder.
30 ~ 40 mesh granular.
Mix mesh – granular from powder to bigger particles up to 30 mesh mix.
Cluster powders on particles from 10 to 50 mesh size.
Chips and granular.

Some of our formulas come blended with Polymers, minerals, and chemicals.