Dry pond, Low water level

Fix it with Bentonite pond sealer

Low-level water and dried ponds are a common problem. The common solutions are expensive and complicate to apply but, Bentonite Pond Sealer is cost-efficient and easy to apply

How Bentonite Pond Sealer works?

Lonestar Bentonite Pond Sealant is a natural mineral that can fix any pond leak.

When you apply it on water deposits like ponds or lakes, it will deposit itself at the bottom, inside the soil pores and cracks, creating a very efficient, safe, and long-lasting seal.

The working principle of our Bentonite sealant is base on the natural property of Bentonite to absorb water and expand itself up to 10 times.

Lonestar Pond Sealer’s effectiveness is due to the calculation of the mix-mesh powder and the quantity of product that each type of soil requires. The Lonestar special formula has been developed over 50 years of fieldwork.

Bentonite Sealer is easy to apply in either dry or wet ponds (ponds that can’t be drain), is a 100% natural earth sealer, and is safe for fish, plants, stock, and swimming.

Bentonite pond sealant

Why choose Lonestar Bentonite Pond Sealer

We put at your service people with several years of experience in both bentonite production and application.

We proudly hold every part of our process inside the United States and we pay very special attention to the quality of the product we deliver to our customers to ensure the bentonite clay seals your pond’s soil for many years to come.

Eco Friendly

Safe for stock, fish, plants and swimming.


 Long-term low-cost solution, natural clay.

Easy to apply

Dry or wet pond, the application is easy and safe.

100% Natural

Mineral clay without chemical additions or hazardous materials.


50 years experience

We are experienced and reliable bentonite suppliers


ISO-9001 Certification

We are proud of the quality of our bentonite pond sealant


Nationwide delivery

We reach every corner of the continental United States


Every batch tested

We lab test each and every batch of sealer to guarantee the results

How to apply the Lonestar bentonite pond sealer?

Bentonite Pond Sealer is easy to apply on full or dried ponds, however, there is more than one way to apply it.

Our experts will help you to choose the right solution for your Pond.

Give us a call today to fix your pond.

As a leading bentonite pond sealant processor and supplier with over 50 years of accumulated experience, Lonestar Minerals is fully equipped to meet your bulk and small packaging requirements.

Our experts are always available to provide guidance on bentonite applications.


Why People are Choosing Lonestar Bentonite Pond Sealer

Greate customer service and years of experience are our presentation card

Peter Stavros

We hired Lonestar Bentonite to work on a stock pond We have at our property In Millet, Tx.

The price was competitive, service was great, but most important, the pond holds water now. Art and Ricardo are professional friendly folks. Highly recommended!

Inigo Arzac

Fast response and great turnkey service. We needed several truckloads of bentonite for sealing at our construction site. Not only did they arrange prompt delivery, but they executed the trenching and application. Art from their team was very helpful in ensuring everything was conducted without a hitch. A+

Karla Muller

Used 2 lbs per sq/fr of Lone Star’s Premium sodium bentonite on our 1/2 acre pond. They explained how to apply the product and we got great results. Our pond holds water now.

Definitely recommended!

Arquitectura STI

Purchased 12,000 lbs of a bentonite blend for our water treatment unit.

Product performed better than the other blend we were buying and saved over 25%.

Will do more business with them!

Do you need extra help with a leaking pond?

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Pond after sodium bentonite application.

How much bentonite pond sealer

do you need?

Enter your pond length, width, deepest point, and soli condition to find out [approximately] how much bentonite you would need to fix your leaking pond.

Bentonite Pond Sealer Calculator

Results are only an approximation based on theoretical values and it should NOT be taken as an expert’s quotation for your specific needs.

The bentonite amount is for cover the full pond, to seal a single leaking point please contact our experts

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