Bentonite (Montmorillonite) clay is used in many industries, including wastewater and water treatment plants, pet industries with our cat litter products, oil and gas wells, mud drilling, pond sealant, and many more. Applications of bentonite clay are numerous and can be used to serve various purposes.


There is nothing better than natural sodium bentonite for ranchers who want to line and seal the base of their water retention stock tanks. Clay prevents water from escaping or flowing while at the same time it is harmless to fish, cattle, livestock, and plants.


Our principal operations and processes at Lonestar Minerals include extracting the mineral from the mines, refining it, and mixing it to formulate and combine it with other ingredients to produce the required product and packaging needed.


Our line of products offers different bentonite’s in physical and chemical properties. The quality and type of our bentonite vary depending on the origin of the mine, the process used, and its packaging. Our team of engineers is committed to selecting each batch for its specific use in every application to ensure that the properties of that mineral are ideal for that particular use.


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We also offer our services for applying the bentonite to make the blanket/liner and till in the bentonite with the soil. We can also compact, expand, shape, or build you a brand-new pond.


We are now serving all of the United States! With high sales in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico with different warehouse locations around Texas and Wyoming, and headquarter based offices in San Antonio, TX.


Our products are always available for immediate delivery from any of our warehouses, or we can deliver to the clients the desired location by the full truckload, partial, or pallet loads depending on customer needs. We can arrange delivery directly to your location using mainly eighteen-wheeler flatbed trucks, dry van trailers, or pneumatic pressurized trailers.


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retention pond video applying bentonite