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Lonestar Minerals pond repair services are a hassle-free experience for you. We provide the materials, equipment, knowledge and manpower required to repair leaking ponds and lakes. Our staff has more than 20 years experience repairing ponds with bentonite all around Texas.


Trust our team to repair your pond using bentonite pond sealer and enjoy the outcome for many years.

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Repair a leaking pond with sodium bentonite

Stop losing water (and money) and get those leaks repaired immediately. Don’t think too much about it, contact us today and use the expertise of a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field that has repaired hundreds of ponds in the Texas area.


With our wide experience, we have seen many challenging scenes across the country: holes dug by wild animals, ponds damaged by erosion, leaking dams… No matter what the problem is, our one-stop service is designed to help you determine the source of the leak, recommend the best course of action to repair it and complete the work in the correct way.

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Advantages of using bentonite to repair a pond

At Lonestar Minerals, we use bentonite pond sealant to rehabilitate ponds because it is the best way to repair ponds naturally. Bentonite itself is a low-cost material, easy to apply, and absolutely safe, you can hold it in your hands with confidence. If bentonite is used correctly, its highly effective and the effect is almost immediate.


Bentonite is a versatile solution that can be applied in both ponds with water or dry ponds. In some cases, it might be recommended to drain the pond to repair the leakage.However, there are cases where the bentonite is applied to ponds that are holding water, either by just sprinkling granular bentonite over the water or by blasting the affected area using pressure.
Bentonite is a versatile solution that can be used in ponds with water and dry ponds. In some cases, it may be recommended to empty the pond to repair the leak; however, in some cases, you can apply bentonite to a pond with water, either by simply spraying granular bentonite on the surface of the water, or by applying a slurry using power tools.


One of the biggest advantages of bentonite is that there is no risk of puncturing or tearing, which is usually one of the biggest disadvantages of rubber liners. The bentonite is mixed with the pond soil, adding only what it needs to be able to retain water. You can safely use bentonite clay for fish or wildlife ponds, as well as for irrigation or livestock ponds.

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Lonestar Minerals: Pond Repair Experts

Lonestar Minerals is a related company. We extract bentonite, process it in our factories and manufacturing plants, and provide selected types and high-quality bentonite for customers’ industries and applications. We stock a wide range of products, including pond bentonite and granular bentonite. We have developed a unique bentonite pond sealant hybrid net, which is developed using our many years of experience in this field. result? You will enjoy having a complete pond on your property for a long time.


Rely on a hands-on company with thousands of hours of field experience to handle your pond repair, design and construction needs. We cooperate with individual owners, contractors, excavators, construction companies, hotels, municipalities and state governments that provide various services; recreation pools, cattle ponds, farm ponds, irrigation ponds, fish ponds, storage ponds, artificial lakes, etc.


If you find any signs that your pond may be leaking (perhaps off-season vegetation or patches around the pond), please contact us immediately to evaluate the situation with you and get a clear understanding of what is happening. The sooner the problem is discovered, the lower the intrusiveness and cost of the solution.

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Pond Repair Service

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We hired Lone Star Bentonite to work on a stock pond We have at our property In Millet, Tx.
The price was competitive, service was great, but most important, the pond holds water now. Art and Ricardo are profesional friendly folks. Highly recommended!

Peter Stravros

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