How does Bentonite Large Pond Liner work?

Bentonite is the best active pond liner in the market.

Bentonite is a natural mineral that can transform into a thick, muddy, and low permeability gel that results to be the most cost-effective pond liner for large ponds on the market.

The secret behind bentonite’s effectiveness is the combination of the quality of our product and the installation process. Our Bentonite pond liner is a high-quality mineral that is processed at our ISO-9001 manufacturing plant, and our crew has several years of building and fixing large ponds.

Pond Sealer installation
Preparing a pond for Bentonite application
Bentonite Pond Liner super sacks on a Large Pond
Applying Bentonite Pond Liner to a Large Pond

Bentonite Large Pond Liner Advantages.


When we talk about large ponds, Sodium Bentonite has many advantages over the traditional plastic and rubber liners like:


  • Bentonite Pond Liner nature(sodium bentonite is a milled mineral) makes it impossible to puncture during the installation process.
  • Once installed, it is resistant to punctures and can repair itself from small to medium holes.
  • Bentonite Large Pond Liner is the most cost-effective product for linen ponds over a half-acre.
  • Sunlight doesn’t affect the pond liner.
  • Work on any pond size, from a few sqft to several acres.
  • Bentonite Pond Liner is a non-toxic material and the most eco-friendly large pond liner product in the industry.

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How to install Bentonite Large Pond Liner?


The installation process is similar to installing a rubber pond liner, but the similarities end there. Bentonite pond liner requiere simple farm machinery to install and short but skilled staff.



  • Clean surface
  • Spread Bentonite in an even layer
  • Mix and compact the bentonite with the soil
  • Fill the pond with water.


It sounds simple but requires some experience and skills to ensure a long-lasting seal. If you want to know more about the installation process, visit our article How to install Bentonite Pond liner.

Installing Bentonite Pond Liner in a Residencial Pond

Need help installing a Large Pond Liner?


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Which ponds can use Bentonite large pond liner?

Bentonite Large Pond liner can be used in almost any kind of pond.


  • Farm stock ponds
  • Golf court ponds.
  • Wildlife ponds.
  • Retention Ponds.
  • Fish Farming Ponds.
  • Swimming Ponds.
  • Wastewater treatment pond
  • ETC.

Is bentonite the right product for my large pond?


It probably is but let’s figure it out. If two or more of the following scenarios fit your pond, bentonite large pond liner is the right option.


  • Your pond is large than a quart acre.
  • Your pond is not seasonal or going to be constantly drained.
  • You don’t want to add chemicals or plastic to your land.
  • You need a permanent solution that doesn’t give you constant headaches.
  • Your pond has trees near the border
  • Your pond will have fishes, plants, farm stock, and wildlife.


Actually, Bentonite pond liner is the right product for any kind of pond. The only restriction is you should not drain the pond and let the soil dry.

If you are still asking yourself if Bentonite pond liner is the best option for your pond, give us a call.

We’ll honestly tell you if Bentonite Pond Liner will work in your pond.

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