“How To do things with Bentonite” Video Gallery

Lonestar Minerals is a bentonite wholesale supplier. We have the capability to provide sodium bentonite for ponds (pond sealer | pond liner | pond repair), cat litter (clumping and anti-odor), wastewater treatment, metal casting, steel pelleting, construction, oil and gas drilling. We can also provide calcium bentonite for cat litter (no clumping), fuller’s earth, agriculture and animal feeding.


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Pond Repair Videos

Shaping and Building a Pond

Pond Sealing & Fixing Leaks

Lonestar Minerals – Our Bentonite Pond Liner

Pond Repair using Bentonite Pond Sealer

Bentonite Application Videos

Bentonite Pond Sealer – Sprinkle Method

Pond Sealer Application Pneumatic Trailer

Bentonite Pond Liner – Mixed Blanket Method

Appliying Bentonite Pond Liner

Pond Construction Videos

Bentonite On-site Delivery

Retention Pond Construction

Bentonite and Soil Tests Videos

Bentonite Swelling Index

Soil Testing

Bucket Test for Soil Permeability

Custom Made Machines

Custom Industrial Machines Manufacturing

Hydraulic Industrial Mixer for Slurry