Designing and building ponds all across Texas, from residential ponds to lakes, we are here to help you to satisfy all your pond construction needs in Texas.

Building Ponds in Texas


The three key factors to succeed in building a pond in Texas are:


  • Desing the pond before beginning with the construction
  • Have a skilled and experimented team to construct the pond
  • Use sodium bentonite pond liner to seal your pond soil


For the last 50 years, we have been working on ponds doing pond design, pond construction, pond reshaping, and pond repair.


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Building a pond in Texas



When we talk about pond design, we are not only talking about how it looks like, if it will have trees around or a dock, etc. We talk about much more important things that will determine the path of the pond construction, like:


  • What are you planning to use the pond
  • Where do you want us to build the pond
  • How big and deep it must be
  • What is the soil composition
  • Where is the nearest water source
  • What is below the construction area
  • etc.
Pond construction layout

Why does the pond design matter?


The Pond Design matters because it helps us detect possible problems before we have a dozer in an 18ft hole or something more complicated.

The problems originating from the lack of design are costly and involve more than just throwing some sealer on the pond.


Our pond construction service begins with the pond design to ensure that you will not need extra repairs or fixes in the long or short term.


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Mesuring a farm pond before the pond liner calculator

Pond construction in Texas.


Building ponds in Texas have some difficulties. One of the most important ones is the lack of clay in the soil composition, meaning that you can’t just compact the soil and hope it holds water. You have to install a pond liner.


When choosing a pond liner, you need to consider the purpose of the pond because the liner experiences different stress when farm animals walk through it than fish and plants can cause.


At Lonestar Minerals, we build and repair ponds using Sodium Bentonite because of its resistance, versatility, and natural origin. These characteristics allow us to construct all kinds of ponds with the confidence that we are giving you a long-lasting solution that will save you money, headaches, and water.

Pond construction in Texas

Why build ponds with Bentonite.


  1. The investment is comparable to other pond liners
  2. Bentonite maintenance costs are almost null.
  3. Compared to rubber liners, the risk of “puncture” or “tears” is almost null.
  4. As a neutral mineral, bentonite preserves the ecology of the pond, not altering the pH and being completely safe for fish, amphibians, and vegetation.
  5. Bentonite can self repair from small punctures.


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applying bentonite pond liner in a farm pond

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