Moving large scale earth and digging ponds


We are here to help you in more ways than one, as we offer to sell you the mineral bentonite liner product, we also offer you the full service to construct and develop a new pond.


We specialize in pond construction and pond design from start to finish. When constructing a pond, stay away from shortcuts. Ponds involve preparation and knowledge. In the long run, the cheapest route often costs you the most.


Get it right from the beginning by using our products and services. If you use low-quality bentonite, you may need up to 5 times more product to do the real job.


Please visit our Portfolio page and see some of our work.


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Why is it important to understand the soil

We take note for you, at all stages of building lake ponds. We can brainstorm the design and construct according to your property and soil, therefore creating the best option for your property.


Each aspect of the project is carried out on schedule and under specifications to maintain your valuable property and livestock glowing.


Stock tanks, ponds, and small lakes will add value to your property for years to come.


Our experience in the construction of ponds provides us with knowledge of the soil type and expertise essential for giving the landowner a permanent look and water retention.


We can recommend and help you to make the best decision on the type and amount of bentonite needed for your pond soil.



Who we serve:
• Homeowners
• Businesses
• Golf courses
• Residential Communities
• Municipalities
• State governments
• Etc


Please contact and request a quote for us to apply the bentonite clay and line your pond.

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