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With Lonestar Minerals Pond Design and Construction service, you have the assurance of a pond built to last for many years. Our company has designed and built ponds all over the country, whether for stormwater management, for irrigation purposes, as a water source for a farm or ranch or as a recreational spot for a community. Trust the experts to build the pond, sit back and enjoy the results.

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Designing a pond requires specialized knowledge. Starting with the owner’s idea and taking into account the main purpose of the pond, then integrating these with aesthetic design for a naturalized look. If you decide to invest in a pond, the best way to protect your investment is to ensure the pond is correctly built from the beginning.


Lonestar Minerals can work with you in the design and construction of many types of ponds. From fish ponds to retention ponds, irrigation ponds, farm ponds, stock ponds, wildlife ponds, ranch ponds and artificial lakes we make sure to design based on the characteristics of the spot of land where the pond will be located, the availability of water, the purpose of the pond and the ideas of the owners.


If there is already a design for the pond, we can take the design and make it come to life. We have experience working with architectural firms, excavators, contractors, construction companies and residential developers to make the pond area of their projects come to life.


Contact us today and start turning your pond ideas into life.

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When building a pond, one of the key aspects is the composition of the soil. To be able to ensure the pond will hold water, the soil needs to have a minimum content of clay, that is not commonly found in the Texas soil composition. Bentonite is a natural clay mined in the Wyoming area, milled only to a certain grain size and added to the soil of the pond to ensure that, at contact with water, the clay particles will absorb water and swell, creating a waterproof seal that will prevent water seepage.


At Lonestar Minerals we use sodium bentonite pond liner when building ponds simply because it makes great sense. The investment is comparable to other liners, however, bentonite maintenance costs are almost null. Compared to rubber liners, the risk of “puncture” or “tears” is almost null. As a neutral mineral, bentonite preserves the ecology of the pond, not altering the pH and being completely safe for fish, amphibians and vegetation.


Our pond construction service is designed for you to enjoy the pond coming to life without the added stress of having to juggle the scheduling of the different products and services required. We handle all the logistics and execution process for you and our team is in constant communication with you to make sure the pond comes together according to your specifications and liking.


Lonestar Minerals can also provide pond reshaping services and bentonite pond liner applications. Sometimes, ponds have been around for a long time and they start to lose their sharp shape or start seeping water into the ground. In those cases, a reshaping of the pond and a refreshment of the bentonite pond liner can be the perfect solution to give it a new life for a few more decades.


Review below our gallery of recent projects and contact us today for a free quote for your pond design and construction project.

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