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Lonestar Minerals is a leading USA Bentonite and Barite Supplier, delivering high quality minerals nationwide for a variety of applications: pond sealer, pond liner, cat litter, wastewater treatment, drilling mud, among others. We mine and mill the products at our ISO-9001 manufacturing plant, and we can deliver specific grain size requirements.

We supply our bentonite and barite products by bulk or in different packing sizes to meet your needs. Order by full truckload (FTL) on pallets, super sacks, pneumatic trailers, or less than a full truckload (LTL) and by the pallet or super sack. In some cases, depending on the product, we can provide private label packaging for retail purposes.

At Lonestar Minerals, we put to good use our expertise to find and provide the most practical and cost effective solutions for our clients. Click below to get a quote for bentonite or barite products today.

Who is Lonestar Minerals?

Lone Star GTC, LLC Minerals, and services. Our headquarters based in San Antonio, TX. With over 60 years of accumulated experience from our company group, we can assist you with natural mineral clay needs.

We have a team of engineers and the necessary laboratory equipment to offer consulting services.

We are a top-quality provider of mineral bentonite clay that supplies many different niches and industries like wastewater,  steel foundries, and iron using bentonite. Bentonite is a high water-absorbent clay that will dry melted iron.

We supervise every aspect, including the mining, milling, packaging, and logistics of our minerals, assuring our customers a high-quality product at a competitive price.

While focusing on each application and the different industries we serve, our team of engineers mill and process only high-quality sodium bentonite. Our bentonite works exceptionally well as a pond and lake liner sealant for water leaks.

Lonestar Mineral also develops custom made formulas for your wastewater treatment, and we also offer a complete line of industrial equipment for clay feeders, clay mixers, and filter press equipment. Our products are always available for immediate delivery from any warehouse locations (Eagle Pass, Laredo, Bulverde, and directly from Wyoming.)

Our products are available for sale by the minimum quantity or by the full truckload. (partial load or by the pallet).

Our infrastructure of modern equipment and our collaboration with leading engineers have made us a reliable and influential organization that can meet our clients’ requirements. Our laboratory can maintain each of our products’ quality by selecting the right minerals for various industries and applications.

We excel only in time and practice; we have delivered full mineral truckloads to many satisfied customers over many years.

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About LoneStar Minerals

What we offer

We are a company dedicated to mining and processing minerals. Our company explores, extracts, and markets high-quality minerals. However, we show pride in our best-selling mineral called bentonite. Through our certified ISO-9001 plant process, we obtain specialty bentonite products used in different industries like metal foundries, pet industry, animal feed, paper manufacturing, soap & detergents, food, oil and gas drilling, foundation, construction, wastewater, and water treatment plants—also, wildlife ranchers, stock ponds, retention & construction, lagoons, and pond sealing. We are a company committed to grow our production and evolve our quality assurance process to meet today’s demands and current standards, and foremost the satisfaction of our customers.

Please call us with your pond dimensions, type of soil, and we will be glad to assist you in estimating the volume of bentonite needed for your pond.

About LoneStar Minerals

How we do it

About LoneStar Minerals

LOGISTICS- We can arrange transportation with our business partners in the field of mineral logistics for pickup and delivery. We offer specialized trucking on Flatbed, dry box containers, or specialized pneumatic trailers. While also offering transloading, distribution, and packaging options that meet with our customers’ needs.

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SERVICES- We are best known for providing multiple services and goods that fulfill our customers’ requirements. We provide consulting and laboratory test analysis on every lot that we deliver for assurance to our customers. Our recognition in high-quality production comes from a direct result of our dedication to excellence over the years.

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EXPERIENCE- Over 60 years of accumulated experience from our company group are continually innovating and improving to meet our clients’ latest needs. We have a loyal clientele that includes various national and international companies that operate in multiple sectors, including oil and gas drilling, fracking, pet industry, steel foundry’s, water treatment facilities for wastewater, laundry & detergent companies, and cement plants.

Why we are your best option

We are involved 100% in every aspect of the business with the mining extracting of the mineral, processing milling, and selecting the best quality for the different industries and applications to the packaging and distribution.

Our experts are always available to guide on bentonite applications.

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About LoneStar Minerals

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