Aluminum Powder DeOx

Our company offers a secondary product (80%+ aluminum powder) for the metallurgical briquette processing used as steel deoxidizers or other applications where an aluminum particle smaller than -20 mesh can be used. Our 80% + aluminum powder is a secondary product from our process of shredded and milling aluminum cans in different mesh sizes to make DeOx aluminum chips used in the steel industry.


(Steel Deoxidizers)
Some of our customers use our 80%+ aluminum powder as a binder for other aluminum scrap shaves to manufacture small Deox aluminum briquettes in the metallurgical powders, briquettes, and slag processing. Our product is -20 mesh size and under with a minimum 80% fine aluminum powder, and is packed in bulk on super sacks of approximately 3,000lbs or more on pallets. (Picture attached) We also include some laboratory reports, pictures of the product, picture samples of different aluminum DeOx briquettes, and some of the machinery and equipment used on our main process. We can supply approximately 60 tons per month of our secondary product. (aluminum powder +80%). Please let us know if you need any samples or if any additional information is required.


Lonestar Minerals offers aluminum cans chopped and shredded for the steel industries as a Deox (steel Deoxidizer).

We are currently offering 80 metric tons per month.


Bulk 1.5 metric tons per super sack on a wood pallet. Also, available bagged on 44-pound bags inside a 1.5 metric tons super sack.


Chemical specifications:
80%+ Aluminum.


Physical specifications: Particle size
+4 mesh 10.8% maximum.
4 ~ 20 mesh size 88% minimum.
20 mesh size 1.2% maximum.

aluminum powder deox

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