Bentonite Mineral







Sodium Bentonite for drilling fluids used as viscosifier and weighing material for mud companies in the drilling industry.

Bentonite on as drilling mud to control borehole stability and improve hole cleaning capacities.

Drilling water, oil or gas well bentonite mineral as a filtering agent.


Offering quality minerals in Texas!

We also offer a High Yield HY grade Bentonite mesh 200 that offers 150 barrels.

Drilling fluid materials and minerals used in the gas and oil wells as well as deepwater wells and horizontal directional drilling HDD.

We service the South Texas area, our warehouse keeps a large inventory in different packagings as 100 Lbs bags, 50 Lbs. and jumbo super sacks of 3,000 Lbs.

Warehouse located in Eagle Pass, Texas M-F 12:00 to 10:00 PM.

Some customers prefer to buy bulk clay on pneumatic trailers.

Some other industries that we service are general construction,  foundation, civil engineering applications, water treatment, steel foundry,  deep water wells, excavations, cement, aqueducts, dams, tunnels, etc.

Sodium Bentonite for Pond Sealant is also one a popular product, we offer a 200 mesh quality clay that works perfectly to create a pond liner.

It is important to apply the quality products and save money by reducing the volume needed of bentonite that really works.

Please remember that  “The most expensive product is the one that does not work”  With Lone Star GTC you get quality bentonite processed and packaged with excellent quality control.

If you use poor quality bentonite you may need up to 5 times more product to do the real job.

Benefits of Sodium Bentonite Clay

  • Sodium bentonite is a natural, environmentally-friendly product.

  • Sodium bentonite helps preserve plant life, aquatic life, cattle, and humans.

  • Sodium bentonite products are easy to apply for plugging leakages.

  • Sodium bentonite pond sealant offers an affordable solution; when one delves into a cost-benefit analysis, it scores over many synthetic polymer-based products.