Custom Made Machine Building


LONESTAR MINERALS offer custom made industrial equipment. We are fabricators, designers, and programmers for new equipment that solve your production and process needs.

Custom Made Machines

We are proud of our service in constructing and producing custom machinery for several industries. With our strong team of Ph.D. engineers, we can articulate and develop top-quality machinery at a very competitive price. If interested in building a new machine for your facility or personal use, please contact us, and we will do our best to engineer and manufacture a system that meets your requirements. Our employees at Lonestar Minerals regularly work to create new products and to enter new markets. We are proud to be an innovative and forward-looking business.

Custom Made Machine Building

Our Process

Custom Made Machine Building

Step 1. Concept Design

The first step begins by meeting our customers to define project specifications and design requirements.

  1. A multidisciplinary project team, including a project manager, is set up to develop concrete ideas to meet the client's goals and reduce both risk and expense.
  2. Prototype and application testing shall perform to determine the process or product-related data required to provide a comprehensive engineering solution.
  3. Our project group focuses on analyzing the frameworks available to choose the best suited for the application and the client's needs.
  4. Before starting the comprehensive design process, the concept goes under review for the customer's approval.

Custom Made Machine Building

Step 2. Conceptual Design

The conceptual design turns into a complete product prepared for construction.

  1. Off the shelf, custom-built and long lead products will be in a trustworthy 3D CAD model.
  2. Completion of tolerance stack-ups, sensor positions, and virtual feature checks.
  3. Development of Control techniques, wiring schematics, and user interfaces.
  4. Defined process failure modes and consequences are analyzed and corrected.
  5. Production of technology prints for mechanical and electrical parts.
  6. Upon customer evaluation, prints are issued from engineering to start manufacturing and assembly.

Custom Made Machine Building

Step 3. Build

The construction starts with the manufacturing, ordering, or altering project components in compliance with the authorized prints.

  1. Analyzing both construction materials and equipment in a specified location.
  2. An experienced machine builder inspects the incoming parts and tests their health and functionality.
  3. When physically assembled, the controls create a team of electrical control panels, sensors, and motors.
  4. Each area contains the layout, schedule, and specifics of the construction to keep the project on track and budget.
  5. Mechanical and electrical debug precedes program load controls, and the computer is officially loaded.

Custom Made Machine Building

Step 4. Delivery and Installation

The finished product will be shipped to the customer after installing all aspects of the system according to project criteria, safety regulations, and standards.

The designed industrial machine is delivered to designated locations where the lead constructor supports any required installation specifications.

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