Services by Lonestar Minerals

Lonestar Minerals turnkey pond repair service is a zero-worry experience. We supply the materials, equipment, experience, and workforce to repair your leaking pond. We value our people and our staff has been repairing ponds for over 20 years all over the country. We have repaired golf course lakes in Florida, ranch ponds in Texas, fishing ponds in Montana, stock ponds in Kentucky. Trust our team to repair your pond with bentonite pond sealer and enjoy the results for long future years.


Fix Ponds & Lakes

Lonestar Minerals offers solutions to help you fix any pond or lake. 

Pond Design & Construction

Our services include lake design, pond construction, and renovation. 

Slurry / Mixing

We offer our services to process slurries and convert them into your desired products. 

Custom Made Machine Fabricator

We construct and produce custom machinery for several industries.