Services by Lonestar Minerals

Lonestar Minerals offers you professional application of bentonite for ponds, whether for fixing leaking ponds, pond lining or pond repair. We also provide pond design and construction services, building ponds for stormwater management, irrigation, fish, wildlife or recreational purposes. We can provide pond reshaping in cases where the pond has been around for a while and is in need of a refurbishment.


Our expertise also allows us to provide you with bentonite and barite slurry already in homogeneous batches, ready to use in your process. We build as well slurry mixers, feeders and lifters for many different industries.


Trust our company’s expertise with bentonite and barite products. Contact us today to get a free quote for your bentonite and barite needs.

Pond Liner Installation


Lonestar Minerals has been lining ponds for over 20 years all over Texas. We can apply bentonite pond liner to any type of pond. Trust a hands-on company with thousands of hours of field experience to handle your pond lining, repair or construction.

Pond Repair

repairing a pond with bentonite pond liner

Lonestar Minerals turnkey pond repair service is a no-worries experience. We supply the materials, equipment, experience, and workforce to repair your leaking pond. Trust our team to repair your pond with bentonite pond sealer and enjoy the results for long future years.

Pond Design & Construction

farm pond construction in USA

Our company has designed and built ponds for stormwater management, irrigation purposes, as a water source for a farm or ranch or as a recreational spot for a community. Trust the experts to build the pond, sit back and enjoy the results.

Slurry Mixing


Creating a homogeneus slurry is one of the toughest challenges of working with bentonite or barite as viscosifiers. Lonestar Minerals offers the liquid/powder mix service and delivers homogeneous slurry batches to the desired location.

Custom Made Machine Fabricator


Lonestar Minerals offers you machinery and equipment development and construction, customized, according to your particular needs. Learn more about our mixers and feeders for slurry. We can also create mixers, feeders and lifters for other industries.