Bentonite Clay for ponds near Oklahoma

Bentonite clay for ponds in Oklahoma by the ton, at a great price.


Through our warehouse network we can delivery as many tons of Bentonite clay for ponds that your project require in Oklahoma.

Who we serve?

  • Farm Owners
  • Ranch Owners
  • Municipalities
  • State Governments
  • Venues
  • Golf Courses
  • Hotels
  • Residential Owners
  • Contractors
  • Excavators
  • Architectural Firms
  • Engineering Firms

Our Services

We offer a complete service to apply Bentonite Clay for Ponds in New Mexico as well, we can build, reshape, and design you a brand new beautiful pond.


We have worked on:

  • Farm Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Fish Ponds
  • Wildlife Ponds
  • Golfcourse Lakes
  • Residential Backyard Ponds
  • Ornamental Ponds
  • Stormwater Management Ponds
  • Stock Tanks
  • Recreational Ponds
  • Artificial Lakes

What Our Customers Say


Simply put, a class act !! Rick took the time to educate me without it being all about the sale. Breath of fresh air when someone in this day and age says “I will call you right back” and actually does. Will recommend this outfit without hesitation.

Adam Butler

Haywire Ranch


Lonestar Minerals really has some high quality bentonite product! Really glad I went with them, their product solved my pond leak!

Jose Cantu

Red & Black Engineering


Fast response and great turnkey service. We needed several truckloads of bentonite for sealing at our construction site. Not only did they arrange prompt delivery, but they executed the trenching and application. Art from their team was very helpful in ensuring everything was conducted without a hitch. A+

Iñigo Arzac

Urbanika Construction

Recent Projects

Want to Do It Yourself?

Applying bentonite clay for ponds isn’t complicated. However, it needs to be done with the uttermost attention, as the bentonite will need to be evenly spread and compacted before adding water to the pond or lake. Depending on the purpose of the pond, the depth and size of it and the conditions of the soil, some extra steps may be required.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, it is definitely a good project to work on. Just make sure you have the right amount of bentonite clay for ponds and the right equipment at hand. If you get stuck at any point or have doubts about the process, give us a call and we will gladly support you with a free consult. Our goal is for you to enjoy a full pond or lake for many years to come!


How much Bentonite clay for ponds do I need?

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Bentonite Calculator

Please, enter your pond measurements, deepest point, and soil condition to find out [approximately] how much bentonite you would need to fix your leaking pond.

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