Bentonite Clay Pond Liner



Natural non-toxic material

Help the environment by using natural clay to seal your pond. While other traditional liners are made of materials that can take several hundred years to degrade, bentonite doesn’t have this effect on the environment.

Reduced risk

Goodbye punctures

Bentonite saves you the trouble of dealing with tears, punctures and repair kits. If something “tears” the bottom of the pond, the bentonite granules readjust to keep the bottom of the pond sealed and without leaks.


Fairly easy application

Almost any farm or ranch has available the tools required to apply bentonite pond liner. It is fairly easy and a good DIY project. Of course, you can also get a team to manage the bentonite pond liner installation if you prefer.


Comparable to other liners

While bentonite does require an investment that can go from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, it is fairly comparable to a traditional pond liner and it saves money in the long run from maintenance costs.


Line any pond with Bentonite Clay Pond Liner

Farm Ponds

Retention Ponds

Fish Ponds

Wildlife Ponds

Golfcourse Lakes

Residential Backyard Ponds

Ornamental Ponds

Stormwater Management Ponds

Stock Tanks

Recreational Ponds

Artificial Lakes

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In any type of property

Farm Owners

Ranch Owners


State Governments


Golf Courses


Residential Owners



Architectural Firms

Engineering Firms

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Bentonite Clay Pond Liner FAQ’s

Can any type of pond be lined with bentonite pond liner?

Yes. There is only one exception, which is the seasonal ponds. Since bentonite is a powder or granule that swells with water (in essence it creates a sort of mud that seals the bottom of the pond and prevents water seepage), when it loses water and dries out, it becomes a powder that is subject to erosion. Therefore, is not recommended for ponds that won’t be holding water all year round.

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How much Bentonite I need?

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