2021 Pond Area Calculator

Pond Area Calculator

Welcome pond lovers! When you are working on a pond, whether you’re building a new pond, reshaping an old pond or just doing some maintenance on an existing pond, one of the most used measurements is the area of your pond. 

pond area

There are 2 pond areas in our calculator. The first is the surface area of your pond. The second is the area of the bottom of the pond, which takes in account the depth of your pond, so it is a volumetric area. This one is required when applying a pond liner, as you need the area of the bottom of the pond, not the surface.

Pond Area Calculator

Please, enter your pond measurements to find out [approximately] the area of your pond.

Pond Area Calculator
Shape of the Pond

Important notes: Results of our Pond Area Calculator are only an approximation based on theoretical values and it should NOT be taken as an exact measurement of your pond.

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