Pond Liner Calculator for Large Ponds

Use our pond liner calculator to know "how much pond liner material your pond project requires." the area and which is the best pond liner material

Pond Liner Calculator for Large Ponds

Calculating the area and pond liner needed for a large pond, like a farm pond or lake, is not as easy as doing it for a small fish pond where the bottom of the pond and walls have a regular shape.

Instead, we need to approximate it with a simple pond liner formula:

L + (Depth times two) x W + (Depth times two) = Pond surface to line

Where L = pond Lenght and W = pond Width

The result of that operation has to multiply it by the “bentonite application rate” for the soil type of the pond.

But let me save you the calculations. This calculator will give you the approximated pond surface and the recommended amount of pond liner material (Sodium Bentonite).

Before starting using the pond liner calculator, you need to know:

  • Pond Width
  • Pond Lenght
  • Pond Deepest point
  • Pond soil type


If you don’t know the soil type of your pond, you can perform a soil texture test or give us a call to guide you on the process.

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Pond Liner Calculator

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Important: The results of the pond liner calculator are an approximation and only apply to the bentonite pond liner.

Bentonite, the best pond liner material for large ponds

Bentonite is a powdered mineral with excellent sealing performance.

Its powdered form makes it the best option to line large ponds and lakes due it has no puncture risk, and you do not have to order it as a single piece or bond several pieces.

Also, it will not add chemicals to the soil, and it’s safe for humans, fishes, farm animals, etc.

On top of that, it can self-heal from small punctures, like the ones that the animals or small roots can cause it.

For more information, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer all the questions about our pond liner calculator and the benefits of lining your pond with bentonite.

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