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Bentonite Pond Liner

Delivery on West Virginia

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  • Ultra low permeability barrier
  • 100% Natural Mineral
  • Super durable
  • High resistance to punctures
  • Suitable for large ponds (half acre or more)
  • Easy installation
  • Wholesale price

Pond liner Near West Virginia

Delivering Sodium Bentonite at your property door in West Virginia

Pond Liner Details

Sodium Bentonite comes in a dust form that transforms into a muddy gel when mixed with soil and water, this gel fills the pores, holes, and gaps in the pond soil creating a resistant, durable, and long-lasting pond liner.

The main advantages of Bentonite pond liner are, the ability to self-repair from small punctures and its natural origin which makes it 100% safe for life.

Applying bentonite pond sealing - bentonite for podns

Uses and Applications

Our pond liner is indicated for many applications like:

  • Farm Ponds
  • Swimming ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Aeration Ponds
  • Fish Farm Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Lagoons
  • Canals
  • Sanitation Lagoons
  • ETC
pond lined with sodium bentonite pond liner

Application Rate

The required amount per square foot depends on the soil composition, soils whit more rocks and few clays require more bentonite to create the liner.

Following the application table is very important to ensure the pond liner’s effectiveness. It is a common mistake when installing a bentonite pond liner not to apply enough bentonite to the soil.

Type Of Soil Bentonite required
Rock or Gravel 5 lbs per sqft
Sand Soil 4 lbs per sqft
Silt Soil 3 lbs per sqft
Clay Soil 2 lbs per sqft

Packaging and delivering

Bentonite Pond Liner comes in different package size to fit your needs like 50lbs bags, 3000 lb (1.36 t) super sacks and full truck loads.

If you are looking for Bentonite pond liner near West Virginia we can help.

Pond with bentonite pond liner near west Virginia

Pond Liner Calculator

To help you with the calculations, we create the Bentonite Pond liner calculator, which will give you the approximate area of your pond and the amount of bentonite your pond needs.

Calculator - local pages
Type of Soil of your Pond *
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Application Examples

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