Sodium Bentonite Clay for Ponds 3000 Lb Super Sack

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Sodium Bentonite is a water absorbent that creates a strong seal on ponds and lakes’ soil. It is commonly used to line new and old ponds, and also to seal ponds that can not be drain due to the size of the water body.


  • 3000 lb of High Quality Sodium Bentonite Clay for Ponds
  • Super Sack with straps and discharge valve
  • Nationwide delivery


Bulk Discounts are considered for requests over 15 sacks.

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Bulk Bentonite PO Automatic
3,000 lb super sack
Do you have equipment to unload 3,000 lb super sacks?

Application Rate for Bentonite Clay for Ponds

The application rate varies depending on the type of soil of your pond. It can go anywhere from 2 lbs per square foot to more than 5 ponds per square foot, depending on how porous the soil i8s. For soils that have some percentage of clay content, using 2 lbs per square foot is usually enough. For silty soils, they are usually around 3 lbs per square foot. For sandy soils, about 4 lbs per square foot. For soils that are mostly composed of rock or gravel, you require at least 5 lbs per square foot.


You are welcome to use our Online Bentonite Calculator for a faster approximation.


Keep in mind these quantities are approximations and different ponds can have different needs.

Type Of Soil Bentonite required
Rock or Gravel 5 lbs per sqft
Sand Soil 4 lbs per sqft
Silt Soil 3 lbs per sqft
Clay Soil 2 lbs per sqft

Application Methods for Bentonite for Ponds

Blanket Method

  1. Drain the pond.
  2. Remove 4 to 6 inches of soil before depositing the bentonite. Leave the removed soil around the pond.
  3. Evenly distribute the bentonite in the bottom of the pond area.
  4. Cover the bentonite blanket with the 4-6 inches of soil you had removed before.
  5. Compact the soil.
  6. Fill the pond again.


Alternative Method

  1. Drain the pond.
  2. Evenly distribute the bentonite in the bottom of the pond area.
  3. Disk or till the bentonite with the soil until it reaches about 4-6 inches depth.
  4. Compact the soil.
  5. Fill the pond again.


Check out our  Bentonite Pond Liner Installation post for more information on how to apply bentonite pond liner.

Sodium Bentonite Technical Specifications

Apparent viscosity —————— 15 cps min
Filtrate ——————————- 16 mls max
Moisture (2 hrs at 105°C) ———- 12% max
Particle Size (200 mesh) ———– 85% min

Delivery for 3000lb super sack

For your convenience, we can deliver nationwide from our warehouses in Texas and Wyoming on flatbed trucks.


Please consider that you’ll need equipment to unload 3,000 lbs super sacks from a flatbed truck. These super sacks have straps on top to grab with your tractor, excavator, front loader, bobcat, or forklift so you can unload from the eighteen-wheeler flatbed truck.

A full truckload of bentonite clay for ponds is equivalent to 15 super sacks of 3,000 lbs each.
A full truckload of bentonite clay for ponds is equivalent to 45,000 pounds, which is approximately equivalent to 23 cubic yards.

All our super sacks come with a very efficient discharge valve. The location of the discharge valve is underneath the super sack, for effortless pouring. To efficiently release the pond sealant, you must pick up the bag and untie the valve to start pouring the liner on top of your soil.

**Pallets are NOT included**
If you require pallets, please call and request on your order (cost per pallet will be added to your order).

Questions about bentonite clay?

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