Cat litter bentonite


Cat litter Bentonite

Lone Star GTC, LLC

We are a company dedicated to mining and processing non-metallic minerals.

Our company explores, extract and market high-quality bentonites. Through our ISO-9001 process, we obtain speciality bentonite products used in different industries like metal foundries, Pet industry,  animal feed, paper manufacturing, soap & detergents, food and drink industries.

We are a company committed to grow our production and evolve our quality assurance process to meet with today’s demands and current standards and foremost the satisfaction of our customers.

Company Mission

To meet as a company our social responsibilities by providing our community with a solid source of employment that benefits both employee and employer. Practising our ideology of quality production and environmental respect, our policy is to satisfy our customers.

Our locations are the following:                           

  • Bulverde, TX.
  • San Antonio, TX.
  • Eagle Pass, TX.
  • Gómez Palacio Dgo. (Packaging Plant )
  • Cuencamé, Dgo. (Mines and Plant)
  • México, D.F. (Sales office)

Quality Control

We have an in house laboratory,  This Lab has state of the art equipment and the lab and plant are operated by certified personal & certified under ISO 9001. All tests required to certify our processes can be done here, additional tests required by customers and governmental bodies are also performed here.

We have a close relationship with Texas profecional laboratories which is used as an external reference.

Cat Litter – Competitive Advantages

Clumping: Our cat litter has a tight clumping ability that produces a solid clump that is easily scooped away.

Rapid Clumping: Since cats cover and scratch, our rapid clumping formula ensures less dust and tracks around the house.

Odor Control: Our cat litter is made with 100% natural bentonite which is a natural absorbent, yet for those who prefer a scented litter for maximum odour control, we provide various choices of natural scents.

Environmental friendly / Dust free: Our Litter is made of 100% natural bentonite which is an inert compound. Part of our ISO-9001 milling process eliminates all fine particles on our cat litter, this helps you avoid breathing or cleaning up dust.

  • We have many years of experience packaging, shipping and delivering our product to large retailers that are offering a competitive edge in their market using our product. Today all of our cat litter that we produce is sold under private label.


  • We have GS1 bar code and meet all norms for labelling.                           
  • Packaging
  • 6.6 lb (3kg) Plastic bag.
  • 5.9 in (15cm) long, 2.3 in (6cm) deep and 14.3 in (36.5cm) tall.
  • 11 lb (5kg) Plastic bag.
  • 7.9 in (20cm) long, 2.3 in (6cm) deep and 15.1 in (38.5cm) tall.
  • Pallet Capacity
  • 6.6lb (3kg) bag: 36 packages of 8 bags ea.
  • 11lb (5kg) bag: 35 packages of 5 bags ea.
  • Per Truck Load
  • 24 Pallets per truck load.



Pallet sizes:

40 in (1m) wide, 48 in (1.2m) long and 48 in (1.2m) high. Weight on the 6.6 lb (3kg) bag pallet is 1,900 lbs (864kg) and the 11 lb bag pallet (5kg) is 1,925 lb (875kg).

Cat Litter Technical Information: The litter is a health clay binder for domestic cats to their special characteristics, absorbs, deodorises and disinfect. 100 % natural and does not harm the environment.

Application: Granular bentonite used as binder sanitary waste for domestic cats.

  • Specifications:
  • Humidity 12% MAX.
  • Fineness: mesh 10 ~ 30 > 70%
  • Binding Force: >90%
  • Binder consistency: Hard plastic.
  • Chemical analysis: %
  • SiO2        58.0  –  64.0
  • AI2O3     18.0   –  21.0
  • Fe2O3      2.5   –    2.8
  • MgO         2.5   –    3.2
  • CaO          0.1  –     1.0
  • Na2O        1.5  –     2.7
  • K2O           0.2  –    0.4

Compressive strength in green * 11.0 psi min., Compressive strength dry *80 psi min., Free Swell 20.0 cc min., Humidity (3hrs. At 105) up to 12.0%, Fineness (Retained on 200 mesh) 15.0% max., Gel (25g. In 100 ml. of water dest.) 3 min. max.

Mixture performed with 8% of bentonite and 3% of distilled water using silica sand grain Oklahoma 90/100 afs and mixing sub– round a roller for 210 seconds.2g. Bentonite in 100 ml. of distilled water, left to stand for 24 hrs. The maximum tolerance of 14% by weather issues when necessary.

We have develop a unique formula for lightweight, dust free, no tracking, strong clumps, fragrance free and odor control using a new process by blending and mixing regular cat liter with formulated odor control cluster bentonite.

We can pack the product as our customer requires and logistics can be coordinated for delivering the product direct to our customers distribution center, drop-ship orders or export.

Please contact us if you like to request a sample of our different cat litter clumping formulas.