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How Much Bentonite Pond Sealant is required

The critical factor when it comes to the amount of bentonite required to seal a pond or an area of the pond is the type of soil. The more porous the soil is, the more bentonite per square foot is required.  If you use less than the recommended amount of bentonite, it is possible that will affect the efficiency of the seal. Usual application rates go from 2 to 5 lbs per square foot.


To the right (or below) you can find a REFERENCE TABLE, based on a maximum depth of 8 ft and a general purpose pond, indicating the amount of bentonite required per square foot.

Type Of Soil Bentonite required
Rock or Gravel 5 lbs per sqft
Sand Soil 4 lbs per sqft
Silt Soil 3 lbs per sqft
Clay Soil 2 lbs per sqft

Why bentonite is one of the best pond sealer products

Bentonite is currently one of the best pond sealer products for leaking ponds and lakes. Its high efficiency, combined with its low cost and 100% natural composition, make it one of the best options currently available in the USA for pond sealing and leak repair.

Bentonite Pond Sealant is:

  • Highly effective
  • Low cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe for fish, wildlife, livestock, etc

Apply it to:

  • New pond (pond in construction)
  • During pond reshaping
  • For pond refurbish before the rainy season
  • Pond with an isolated leakage area.

How to Apply Bentonite Pond Sealant?

Bentonite Pond Sealant Application Methods

Dry Pond

Applying bentonite to a new or drained pond is the most exact way to do it. It is fairly easy to ensure the bentonite is correctly distributed throughout the bottom of the pond and that the right amount is applied per square foot. You can use the blanket method or the mixed blanket method, depending on which tools you have available. Compaction also plays a very important role when applying bentonite using these methods. The pond should be filled immediately after finishing the compaction process, doing so carefully to avoid disturbing the layers of material that have been just applied.

retention pond reshaping

Full pond

Using bentonite as a pond sealer in a full pond is possible, however, it requires a little more experience to be done. There are a couple of ways that bentonite can be applied. The first is using the sprinkle method, which consists of taking granular bentonite and just sprinkling it over the surface of the water. The granules of bentonite reach the bottom and filter themselves into any gaps, cracks or crevices. When the bentonite finishes the swelling process, it is encased inside the gaps and crevices, preventing water seepage through them. It is a bit harder to ensure efficiency because the granules follow the flow of the water, making it hard to ensure an even distribution of bentonite throughout the bottom of the pond.

How to Apply Bentonite Sprinkle Method

Isolated Leaks

For isolated leaks, there are also several ways to apply bentonite as a pond sealer. When the leak is easily identified and the water is flowing through it, a bentonite slurry is applied. The idea is for the slurry to flow through the leak leaving the bentonite in the gap, which will swell inside said gap until a seal is created and the flow of water stops altogether. When the leak is identified but there’s no water flow towards or through it, bentonite can be applied using pressure tools, basically “firing” the bentonite or a bentonite slurry to the affected area, getting the bentonite to sit in the required leaking area to prevent water seepage.

Pond after sodium bentonite application.

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