Bentonite Pond Sealer 2500LB Pallet


Pallet contains 50 bags of sodium bentonite pond sealer of 50 Lbs each (2500lbs total weight)


Sodium Bentonite pond sealer is excellent for repair ponds that can not be drained and also for ponds with fishes and plant.


50 Lbs bag is very convenient when you have multiple affected areas



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Bentonite is a 100% natural pond sealer that can be used to repair ponds with fishes and plants. It works by creating a low permeability gel that sinks to the bottom of the pond, filling the gaps and cracks.
The 50 Lbs bag is very convenient when you need to repair the pond without tools or when there are several leaking areas.



How to apply?


The application is very simple, spread the affected area with bentonite. If the leaking area is not identified, we recommend applying an even layer of bentonite over the pond surface and letting it sink. If is a large pond, it could be necessary to use a small boat or a pneumatic trailer.


Appling Bentonite Pond Sealersprinkle method for Bentonite pond sealant




Contact our staff to get more directions about this method.





Additional information

Weight 3000 lbs